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Perga (bee bread)

Dnipro | Created: 22 February 2021, number: 11237
  • Состояние: Новое 
PERGA includes up to its store of amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, as well as antimicrobial powers and may be of high biological value. On a perga basis, it is practical for a hundred parts to become familiar with the organism of people, and in the form of honey, it is even more populated with vitamins. Perga to take revenge on vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, P, A, D, E, K. In a hundred grams of bee bread, there are so many vitamins, which are often enough to convert the need for an organism into a little bit of development. Especially, there is a lot of vitamins A and E, for that, with the prescribed additional and course dose, following the fact that the surplus is NOT a result of the vitamins imbalance and intoxication. Perga is a miraculous natural anabolic, spraying meats, as well as additional help to renewal for important injuries. operations. Kaliy and magnesium, to take revenge in the first, to dye the heart mead, to chew on the perga gave a therapeutic effect in case of arrhythmias. Due to the diuretic diya "bjoliniy hlib", there is a positive therapeutic effect in patients with hypertension. Perga is also effective for the prevention of strokes, infarctions, since cholesterol is the main cause of ailments in the body. Reducing the level of sechaic acid in organisms, perga sprites against gout, fiery illnesses of nirok and sehovividnyh shlakhiv, embryos Perga is a monstrous antidepressant. The presence of iodine permits vikoristovuvaty perga in case of lyuvanny thyroid gland. Vmіshenі in perzі sterini, take a change in cysts, scho additional aid in treatment of osteoporosis. Vitamin And oberigє eyes from vtom, expanding and weakening the vision, making adaptations in temperaments, changing capillaries of the sieve. Perga shorter biostimulator in case of early aging of the body, stimulates the cholovic potential for an even higher age to a very old age; tighter anti-sclerotic zasib. 1) bee bread is a vidminny product for harvesting cereal activity, as 60% of candies can be stored in the warehouse in a form that is easy for picking up. So it’s very obvious that capillaries and judges, pleasantly infused into the robot’s brain in case of headaches, stress, decreased memory and overturning. When athletes are prepared to start working, loaded with a rosy robot, or if they need to use a computer, they can quickly change the power and give a charge for other work. 2) In the first place of enzyme, play the role of "therapeutics" For example, the intestines, the liver, the lactic acid. 3) Taking care of the mediocre disease in case of hypopotency and prostatitis, without pregnancy and contamination of pregnancy. 4) Perga is a wonderful antioxidant. So, the main reason for the disease of the heart-vascular system is the lack of calories. Kaliy, how to be in the warehouse of bee bread, make a hearty ointment, it is easy to get used to it and polishu exchange of words. It is necessary only to remember about those, how to start eating perga and how to grow more brightly through a sludge, the product needs to be recovered in the mouth. in case of constipation .7) Perga is not volody of allergenic authorities, so as bjoli pick up files, they get rid of silly vines, and the last time they are allergic. 9) Before the storehouse of bdzholin bread there should be sterols, which are considered for the growth of vitamins D, which are considered for the quality and formation of bones. 10) Friendly dietary perga for the right endocrine it has been brought to the point that bdzholiniy khlib is effectively infused into the growth and hair growth and dandruff. 12 ) It’s not easy to remember that there are a large number of residents who live there, so as the implantation of bee bread is positively infused into the exchange of processes at the stage of aging.
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